The Story of the Stories

Theresa Gaser is a mental health professional who has been working with children in a private practice setting. 

One day, Theresa was working with a child and she began to draw an ice cream cone. She drew the connection between feelings and how they can be explained using fun examples. The child became instantly engaged and began using the process at home. The parents saw great changes in the child's behavior at home and that's when Theresa realized she was onto something great!

Nearly one year later while caring for the children, working, going to school and lots of brain storming, cups of coffee, airplane flights, sketching, more coffee, emails, business plans, photo shoots, video shoots, even more coffee, Facetime calls and many many late nights, we're now ready to reveal our first book... 'Ice Cream Cone Feelings'. 


Theresa Gaser, LISW-S, CTS is a Licensed Independent Social Worker and a Certified Trauma Specialist. Through Ms. Gaser's 15 year career in the mental health field she developed the Ice Cream Cone Feelings Process. This process assists individuals, families, and children who struggle with emotional health gain skills that mediate healing and emotional well-being.

Theresa established Trinity Family Counseling in Westerville, Ohio and is the founder of the Restore Foundation. Through her work as a clinician and a philanthropist she advocates for emotional health and supports initiatives that strengthen families.



More about Theresa J. Gaser

I have worked with children for over 15 years as a teacher and counselor. I get so excited when I work with children of all ages and see their faces light up as they start to feel better about their emotions.  The joyful part of my job is watching families who have had a difficult time come in and learn how to talk to each other. I know having teens can be really...well fun, hard, frustrating, amazing and many other feelings.  I also know that teaching them at a young age to talk about their feelings and to take care of themselves is critical. I was moved to develop an easy way to help children and adolescents talk about their feelings after years of seeing all age groups struggle with difficult emotions. I think talking about feelings/emotions  especially if they are negative like anger, grief, frustration and sadness is hard for most people.  Often families do not know how to communicate. The process of talking can be overwhelming when a child is angry. I worked with a family who lost a child to suicide.  The family was devastated. I used Ice Cream Cone Feelings with the family and it made sense to them.  The father stated "He wished he had known this before" He didn't know if it would have saved his child, but he felt it might have helped.

The second book teaches an even deeper lesson, to trust yourself and what your instincts are telling you.  Both books empower children to speak to someone they trust if they are hurting or someone makes them feel uncomfortable.  Book 2 helps them  recognize strangers who may pose harm to them. It is engaging without creating the uncomfortable feeling that talking about the topic of abuse often brings. Considering 1/3 women and 1/5 men are abused prior to their 18th birthday, the importance of being proactive is great. The money raised from this campaign will help children across the world learn how to work through problems, protect themselves from abuse and speak up when they feel something is not right. They help parents/caregivers and educators work through emotions in a fast and fun way that keeps children engaged.   While we are reaching out to stop child abuse through early education we are seeking to do more, we are seeking to give a voice to those who need our help the most, our children.  By pledging to this project, you will know that you are teaching children proactive  and not reactive skills to emotional wellbeing and safety. This is something you can feel good about for the rest of your life. With your help, we will be able to produce a series of books that will help children learn the skills to talk about child abuse, bullying, feelings of self worth, jealousy and many more!  Being a part of our team to stop the cycle of any and all abuse leads to one less child being abused, abusing alcohol or drugs, or taking their life.  By partnering with have just kept one more child safe! 

We have an amazing team behind us.  People who believe in the project and are dedicating precious time to complete these projects on time with the highest standard deserved.